Monday, February 13, 2012

Lego star wars 3 the clone wars cheats- wii Classic Bobba fett ( classic) TY2BYJ

Chewbacca(classic) 66uu3t Clone shadow trooper (classic) 7GFNCQ

Darth maul ( classic) QH68ak Darth Sidius (classic) QXY5XN

Darth vader (classic) fm4jb7 Darth vader BD (classic) nmjfbl

Greedo (classic) fuw4c2 Han solo (classic) kfdbxf

Imperial guard (classic) 5w6fgd Luke skywalker (classic) pg73hf

Obi-wan kenobi (classic) ffbu5m

Qui-Gon jinn (classic) lkhd3b hard to get character.... Savage Opress mell07

hard to get ship.... stealth ship xpy46k


  1. Nice blog Conrad! I love all the images of your favourite hobby, and I would love to hear which is your favourite Star War's character?